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Together We CanChange the World

“Our current monetary system is certain to change. Together we can create a better tomorrow. We established this forum as an easy way to invite everyone to share and exchange ideas for how a new money system might work. Whether you have an idea or if you just want to see what others have to say, welcome.” - Mike

What the Experts are Saying

Recent Ideas

Ron Paul

Former Congressman, Texas

“I’m still old fashioned enough that if I’m thinking in terms of a unit of an account and I have a bunch of them on paper, or in a credit card or something. If I want to put them into a handful of silver or handful of gold, I like that idea… but that doesn’t mean another system wouldn’t work.”

Jim Rickards

Lawyer, Economist & Best Selling Author

“A better system would be gold is money… There’s nothing wrong with having a paper representation of the gold, but it has to be tantamount to a warehouse receipt. It has to be something where I can walk into any treasury or any bank or any post office and plunk it down on the counter and get a fixed amount of gold no questions asked. That’s a real gold standard where the money’s backed up by gold.”

Chris Martenson


“A system I would design would say we don’t have currency, we have money. It’s hard and it’s fixed. So if I’m the bank I now have to make a choice if I’m going to loan you this and I’m probably only going to do it if I know for certain you’re going to pay it back. So I’m going to actually share in the risks.”